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Retirement / Financial Plans

Retirement Income Planning
As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, (RICP) I can help you develop a custom retirement income plan that fits your dreams, goals and budget. The sooner I work with you before you retire the more successful your retirement planning will be. The time to start thinking about retirement planning is in your 40’s. That way you have plenty of time to get your financial house in order and set up a goal-based retirement plan. It is important to know not only how much you will need for retirement but how it should be invested to get you there. Time is the secret source to growing wealth and the more time you have, the better prepared you will be.

Financial Planning
It is important to sit down with a financial advisor to start working on your life long financial plan as early in life as you can. There are some strategies that can help you have a great financial life now and an even better financial life in your retirement years.

Strategy #1: You must set up your financial life the correct way before your start investing. Unfortunately many of us are not taught how to do this. However, I have a 6-step program to educate my clients on how to set up their financial life: a “Path to Financial Freedom”. With the right financial foundation when you invest you should be adequately prepared to handle any financial emergencies that come with life, without robbing your future.

Strategy #2: Compound interest and Time. These are the two biggest wealth building tools you have to work with. If you start early in life saving and investing, your money has the chance to double several times and grow into something substantial by the time you retire. Financial planning is not a one time deal; it is a lifelong process that needs to be adjusted to keep up with life’s changes.

How I work
When I meet with a client for the first time, I spend the first part of the meeting getting to know them and also telling them about myself. I want to know the goals and dreams they have for their life to help me understand their particular needs. This helps me to guide them into a financial and retirement plan that will help them achieve their vision. At this point I start to collect all the financial information necessary to understanding their current financial life. It is important to know what financial shape the client is in now, to know how to proceed forward. Then the client and I will prioritize the steps to be taken to get them financially healthy and begin working toward creating a retirement income plan. Retirement and financial planning should always be a work in progress since life has a way of changing. My job as a fiduciary is to keep my clients plan relevant, flexible and moving forward.

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