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Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson

Executive Director

A Long Beach, California native, Rich Gibson is known for his business experience, work ethic and
financial entrepreneurship. Rich grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and business leaders. His first job
at 10 years old was stocking a Coke machine, washing windows, and sweeping the yard in a ready mixed
concrete company his father founded. Rich literally grew up in "business".

His father taught him old school work ethics. Working every single job in the company, Rich and his
brother eventually took over the family business, enhanced its production capabilities and increased its
sales. Due to this, when they decided to sell, they were able to broker a seven-figure buyout by another
local concrete company. After the sale Rich continued work as a senior executive in the concrete
industry. His Industry expertise combined with his belief in “doing things the right way” have garnered
him the counsel and respect of numerous executives and individuals.

After the 2000-2002 recession, Rich witnessed numerous friends and colleague’s portfolios plummet. He
realized that most people have never been taught sound financial concepts nor how to manage their
money.  He also discovered that the financial services industry was not designed to help the average

In 2007, after 35+ years in the concrete industry; 20 of those in the corporate world, Rich took his
business and financial knowledge and put it to use in the financial industry. He was determined to help
educate individuals and families about financial concepts including showing them investment solutions
that offered “downside protection”.

Rich's commitment to financial education and his passion to help others led him to join Global View
Capital Advisors, where he can offer professional active money management to all investors. Today,
Rich’s approach to financial solutions is all inclusive, as he helps guide individuals and families toward
their specific and unique retirement goals. He is a fiduciary advisor which means he is required to act in
the best interest of his clients. The fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care; it avoids conflicts of
interests by acting with undivided loyalty and utmost good faith.

Rich also wanted to find a way to help a larger number of people to save and invest their money. He
discovered that one of the most acceptable ways to save for retirement was through retirement plans. Rich
decided to focus part of his business on setting up new retirement plans and/or reworking existing older
plans to provide active money management solutions. In many current plans each participant must
manage their own money. However since most do not know how to, they do nothing, and their money
becomes subject to the ups and downs of the market.

"In today's world, you really can't rely on anyone but yourself. Each of us is responsible for our own
personal economy. We have to grow our financial resources just like a company would”. Rich's holistic
approach and independence gives him the freedom to work for his clients to find the best solution to solve
their financial goals.

Rich Gibson is the Branch Office Manager for the Long Beach, Ca. office. He is also a Executive
Director of Global View Capital Advisors and an Investment Advisor Representative with Global View
Capital Management. Rich lives in Long Beach, has been married for 46 years and has three grown
children and 5 grandchildren.